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Case Study
At BimSym eBusiness Solutions, we serve nearly 300 companies in the insurance and financial services industries. BimSym has created a niche for developing and customizing quote engine for term life and annuities.

It has already sold its quote engine to hundreds of agencies in the SMB segments of the life insurance business. The LeadOrganizer and e-CRM application services integrate lead management, personal contact management, virtual document center, and multi functional communication tools for sales force automation and marketing automation. Some case studies of BimSym's solutions are given below.

Case Study 1 - Paperless office! Better SFA! And quicker response
BimSym has customized LeadOrganizer to solve workflow and process flow integration leading to better sales force automation and better customer experience. ... more

Case Study 2 - 365 days, 24x7, Affordable Insurance customer services in the US.
BimSym has developed an affordable web hosted CRM for the insurance SMB sector. The LeadOrganizer offers any time; anywhere access capability to the agent on the move. ...more

Case Study 3- Eight in one module allows simultaneous transactions and successfully closing a sale.
BimSym solves insurance agent's concern to provide a conflict less work and process flow integration ... more

Case Study 4- Lead the customer from Referral to Satisfied Customer for Life in minutes.
BimSym builds a customer delight CRM module for insurance carrier. A free flowing integrated module successfully takes the agent through; from referrals to happy customer. ... more

Case Study 5- A System that works through existing tangles and delivers 100% results.
BimSym offers a LeadOrganizer CRM solution that integrates with existing system and offers effective sales force automation and marketing automation.... more

With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective
e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
BimSym Solutions
Term life insurance quote application
CD Type annuity quote application
Boat Insurance quote application
Custom Campaign Marketing
Web hosting and design
CRM - LeadOrganizer
Insurance News
LeadOrganizer-Life, the first life insurance e-CRM adds new customizable feature
LeadOrganizer-Life, the first e-CRM product for life insurance professionals launched in the US market
VP, BimSym USA opens the new India office
BimSym team at community free medical camp
BimSym launches the beta version of LeadOrganizer
Optional Features
Sales Forecasting
Account Management
Sales Analytics
Paramed Integration
BimSym's Offers
BimSym offers two groups of web-based customized applications having high levels of functionality. The first group is made of proprietary Custom Quote engines for term, annuity, and boat insurance. The second group is the e-CRM applications, the LeadOrganizer -- that significantly improves the sales and marketing effectiveness in a business, and the NewsletterOrganizer, the hosted email marketing that automates the marketing function for better customer experience.