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LeadOrganizer-Life, the first e-CRM product for life insurance professionals launched in the US market
Bensalem, PA -- November 6, 2003: LeadOrganizer-Life, the first e-CRM product for life insurance professionals launched today in the US market by BimSym eBusiness Solutions, Inc.(BimSym), a leading insurance Application Services Provider (ASP). This application, designed with the life insurance industry in mind, easily integrates personal contact management, document management with multiple communication channels for e-marketing. It has a unique display of all features on one screen for efficient and effective management.

This insurance specific e-CRM, aimed at small to medium sized businesses with 1-30 CRM users, expected to challenge the leading US competitors in the CRM market on the strength of its celebrated easy-to-use functionality and affordability. It comes in two versions: the Personal Edition for individual users and Team Edition for multiple users (one administrator plus four users).

The Bensalem, PA headquartered BimSym has already created a niche for developing and customizing quote engines for term life insurance and annuities. Since 2001, it has already sold its quote engine to hundreds of agencies in the SMB segment of the life insurance business in the US.

"Customers that are already using the tools for on-line quotes will find the ability to evaluate, manage and close the leads very efficiently" confidently expressed Kirtan Patel, VP Sales and marketing.

"BimSym's e-CRM is based on the understanding that customers have their own unique business process needs. Since no two businesses work with the same pattern, customization becomes a driving force behind product usability. In order to address this issue, BimSym came up with a product that is completely customizable as per specific business requirements," he added.

LeadOrganizer is an on-line customer relationship management (e-CRM) application. While capturing and organizing leads on the web, it enables an organization to respond to its actual and potential customers to retain, gain, grow, enhance and improve relationships. Multiple communication channels like e-mail, live chat, fax , phone calls and different marketing tools integrated to create efficient sales force automation application. You can create a newsletter and send it to your customers or use the LeadOrganizer's web resources to link it to the insurance company's product newsletter. The agent can manage documents virtually, storing and retrieving them at his convenience. The agent can backup or export and import the contact database from any resource for lead management and marketing.

Insurance agents, who are already using some type of management system, be it on paper or on software application like GoldMine and ACT! will find migration to BimSym's LeadOrganizer e-CRM, very easy and beneficial. Getting the right data in the right place at the right time has proven challenging for many agents running their business without a lead management software

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LeadOrganizer is property of Bimsym eBusiness Solutions Inc. All other products and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned for identification purposes only
With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
Press Releases