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Sales Force Automation- SFA LeadOrganizer™ supports lead management, communication tools, scheduling, performance tracking and marketing tools. LeadOrganizer's SFA functions are integrated with enhance instant term life quoting tool, paramed order, and auto fill applications.
Lead distribution Automatically route or distribute leads to the right agent in your team based on a set of configurable assignment rules such geography, health information, product interest, revenue potential, and others. This will help sales team to get qualified leads and reduce manual assignment.
LeadOrganizer™ involves effective use of campaign management using e-Marketing tools like E-Mail, Newsletters, and campaign execution and response management for insurance marketing to lever growth and increase market shares.
Built-in quote engine application Real time quotes for Term Life insurance is a powerful built-in quote engine application. Assess online, get instant quotes to help faster decision-making and improve your sales ability.
Auto-fill insurance form applications functionality that is offered only by LeadOrganizer™ that gives you a filled application of a prospect and cut the tedious and loathsome task of filling up forms needing customers to simply endorse with their signatures.
Integrated data management
A uniform integrated Database is created in LeadOrganizer™. By having centralized database that integrates easily with existing legacy systems, a 360° perspective of your customer profile is available all across your organization. Uniform and consistent information leads to higher customer satisfaction proportionately enabling an abiding relationship with the customer that translates into increased retention and profit.
Time and task management
Time Management by calendar, scheduling of appointments, task assignments, and alerts functionality of LeadOrganizer™ enables timely follow up of activities and tasks for its due completion, which reflects a professional image to your business.
Document management Document Management is an important and useful feature of LeadOrganizer™ that enables creation of virtual folders ; upload, store, access or download ; or bookmark documents such as application forms, letters, health information forms etc. from anywhere and anytime. Simultaneously update profile automatically when a document is send/receive and reflect in the history. Create a template letter for future use with mail merge functionality.
Reporting Tools Customize built-in reporting tools of LeadOrganizer™ enables analysis of customer retention rates, measure customer loyalty, calculate customer lifetime value, assess performance of team member as well as channel partners, assess product profitability and performance of marketing efforts. Many more such analyses can be generated and reports extracted for useful insights in managing and propelling your business decision.
Pipeline visibility Lead generation; evaluation of lead; assignment and tracking; and status check enables pipeline visibility from referral to prospect and from prospect to customer.
First Call information Capability Address your customer with First Call Information capability and 360° customer view. Having access to customer profile through any stages of the customer life cycle, shortens response time and helps in identifying and addressing the customer's needs by providing right information at the right time.
Higher ROI LeadOrganizer™ is a hosted CRM application . It is easily and instantly deployable, requiring little or no training or employment of skilled operators. So it starts paying you off on your investments and becomes cost effective from day one.


With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective
e-marketing communication that helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.