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BimSym customer-centric solutions for process and agency work flow automation
BimSym has aligned its strengths and core competences to service the insurance business sector first with its patented term life insurance and annuity quote engines, web optimization services, web designing, web marketing and customized web-based application services for life insurance agency work flow automation.

BimSym offers two groups of web-based customized products with high levels of functionality. The first group is made up of its proprietary Custom Quote engines for term life insurance, annuity, and boat insurance. The second group is comprised of the hosted customer relation management (e-CRM) applications, the LeadOrganizer™ -- that significantly improves the sales and marketing effectiveness in a insurance business, and the NewsletterOrganizer -- the hosted email marketing that automates the marketing function for better customer experience.

Convert prospects to customers
Term Life Insurance Quote Application:

We provide you with Term Insurance Quote Engine with the most accurate database and updated rate tables. A customer-friendly quote engine providing broad-based term life insurance rate comparison based on underwriting criteria, along with health related questions, attractive look, user friendly, and instant calculations for your clients are the main features of our Term Insurance Quote Engine. We also give you flexibility in choosing the states, companies and adding the companies you work with. For more information and demo of the quote engine, click here.

Compare the best rates & gratify your customers
CD-Type Annuity Quote Application:
Customers surfing through your website need instant gratification. By simply filling out the form, your customers will be able to get the best annuity rates of various companies instantly. We can make that process simple--the way it should be. Our CD-Type Annuity Quote Engine provides you with the most accurate database and updated rate tables. Along with the list of companies we have, we give you the choice in selecting and adding the companies you work with. To know more about our quote engine and demo, click here.

Get marine risk cover quotes
Boat Insurance Quote Application:

We provide you with an online instant marine insurance quote engine with most accurate database and updated rate tables. Customer-friendly quote engine provides broad-based comparison of terms and conditions, multiple quotes and an attractive look. It is very fast and easy to understand. Also, instant calculations for your clients are the main features of our Boat Insurance Quote Engine.
For more information and demo of the quote engine,
click here.

Let your target audience know
Custom Campaign Marketing:

We provide services to help customize campaigns for your business at a very affordable and cost effective way. Custom campaigns are extremely important to get your business exposed to millions of people online in order to make your business grow.

Improve customer retention
Permission Mail Marketing:

We help your business to reach your targeted potential customers by providing custom email and/or newsletter solutions. We also design, plan and deliver campaigns that meet and exceed your expectations.

LeadOrganizer-The smart way to manage your leads:
An e-CRM product, the LeadOrganizer -- offers superior sales and marketing effectiveness in any business. The LeadOrganizer has the following functionality: Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, and User Productivity.

To know more about our LeadOrganizer
click here.

NewsletterOrganizer-The smart way to stay in touch:
NewsletterOrganizer delivers a focused and a customized solution by bringing data driven applications to eNewsletter and email marketing for businesses and work groups. A hosted newsletter management system provides easy newsletter management for marketing. Create multiple newsletters (text and HTML) with a professional WYSIWIG editor, manage subscribers for targeted marketing, and broadcast emails at your convenience. Manage subscribers, email lists, templates, and email content easily with the NewsletterOrganizer.
LeadOrganizer™ - Web based customized online agency management and Customer Relation Management (CRM) application (Not an insurance software) for the Insurance industry. It is a focused and a customized solution, which works by blending contact management, document management, time management, agency work-flow automation, and communication tools for life insurance distributors and producers.
  Why LeadOrganizer?
  Sales Force Automation
  Marketing Automation
BimSym Solutions
Term life insurance quote application
CD Type annuity quote application
Boat Insurance quote application
Custom Campaign Marketing
Web hosting and design
CRM - LeadOrganizer
Case Studies
Paperless office! Better SFA! And quicker response
365 days, 24x7, affordable Insurance customer services in the US.
8 in one module allows simultaneous transactions and successfully closing a sale.
Lead the customer from Referral to Satisfied Customer for Life in minutes.
A System that works through existing tangles and delivers 100% results.
Optional Features
Sales Forecasting
Account Management
Sales Analytics
Paramed Integration

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