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BimSym launches the beta version of LeadOrganizer

Bensalem, PA -- July 7, 2003: BimSym USA an applications services provider for various insurance companies and insurance agents has launched the beta version of Lead Organizer a web hosted e-CRM product. This utility of a personal contact manager and document management center with e marketing capabilities has the capacity for integrating work and process flows.

This product has been developed in close association with the user in the insurance industry meeting the requirements and needs .The product can integrate with any existing system and frees the user from buying software, hardware and also the constant trouble of software licensing specifications .It also comes with the company's favorite insurance custom quote tool. The user would never have to say "I will get back to you!" The complete process of communication can be done online with the availability of forms and data. Even if the process is broken, the user can resume operations as the system stores all info filled up till that point. He can extend the customer a new service experience.

This is a sales force automation, personal contact manager and document management center for small and medium businesses in the insurance industry.

LeadOrganizer is property of Bimsym eBusiness Solutions Inc. All other products and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned for identification purposes only


With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
Press Releases